Tankless Water Heater Service in La Puente, CA

Running out of hot water is really frustrating. If you're struggling to provide a limitless hot water supply to your family and manage monthly bills, then switching to a tankless water heater model could be a wise decision.

If you find yourself constantly running out of hot water, it may be time to switch from a traditional tank model to one that doesn't store any water at all—a "tankless" or demand-type version.
Tankless water heaters have become popular in the last few years because they are more energy efficient and provide you with an endless hot water supply on demand. With a tankless water heater, you do not have to wait a long time for your water to heat up. Its mechanism enables it to continuously heat small amounts of water, ensuring a steady supply of hot water for your dishwasher, showers, and daily household chores.


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Our experts take pride in their craft and are trained and certified to provide you with exceptional workmanship and knowledgeable service.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Our experts take pride in their craft and are trained and certified to provide you with exceptional workmanship and knowledgeable service.

Tankless Water Heater

Benefits of Tankless Water Heater

Why are tankless water heaters the perfect solution for your home?

Continuous Hot Water Supply
The tankless water heater system provides a continuous supply of hot water, which means there is no need to wait for the water to heat up. This is especially useful when you are running a bath or shower.

More Space Saving
A tankless water heater system is much smaller than a traditional tank heater and can be installed in almost any location in your home, including basements and attics. The unit itself fits onto an exterior wall and can be concealed from view with a cabinet door or decorative curtain panels.

Lower Energy Bills
A tankless water heater saves money by reducing your utility bill over time. Most tankless water heaters don't produce standby energy losses that are associated with standard storage water heaters, so they can save you money. However, the amount of money they save you may differ depending on the type, brand, model, and other factors like your local utility rates.

Longer Life Span
Tankless water heaters have been known to last for years. An average lifespan of a tankless water heater can be expected to last between 20-30 years.

Most Popular La Puente’s Tankless Water Heater Services

New Tankless Water Heater Installation
If you're thinking of installing a new tankless water heater, Jerez Plumbing has the experience and expertise to get the job done right. Whether you need help with your existing system or want to get a new tankless unit installed, we can help!


Existing Tankless Water Heater Repair
If your existing tankless water heater is having problems (such as it's not heating up well enough), Jerez Plumbing can help! We offer repair services for all models of tankless water heaters so that your home stays warm and comfortable during those cold winter months.

Tankless Water Heater

Old Tankless Water Heater Replacement
If your old tankless water heater has outlived its usefulness, don't worry! Our team at Jerez Plumbing specializes in replacing old tanks with new ones. We'll take care of all the heavy lifting so that you don't have to worry about anything else while we do this job for you—just sit back and relax while we get everything ready for installation!

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